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Ahmed Ehab Abdul-Aziz

A software development enthusiast who is fond of backend, frontend and anything in between.

Who am I?

I am Ahmed Ehab Abdul-Aziz. I am a Senior Full-Stack Engineer with 5+ YoE mostly in the Spring stack and a Computer Science graduate/enthusiast. I have worked in both startups and enterprises and I value companies that can embrace the startup spirit but enforces quality enterprise guidelines.

I am open to taking freelance jobs. Also, I would love to get recommendations for new open source projects to participate in or to get contacted about anything tech related.

How to contact me?

Phone Number: +201114734723




Skills And Education

Experienced in: Java (SE/EE), Hibernate/JPA, Kubernetes, Helm, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Webflux (Reactor), Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Docker, Redis, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Apache HTTPD, Linux, JSF/PrimeFaces, JSP, Angular 2+, HTML/CSS, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle DB, Git, Maven, Mockito, PowerMock, TestNG, JUnit, RESTful, JavaScript, Prometheus, Grafana, PromQL, Cortex, Liquibase, AWS.

Trained in: Consul, Vue.js, Keycloak, Jest.

Software Engineering: UML, OOP, TDD, MVC, Agile Methodology (Scrum/Kanban), Observability, OWASP, OAuth 2.0, Microservices, Design Patterns, Database Design, Cloud, Web Services, Reactive Programming, Internet of Things, DevOps.

Languages: Fluent English. Intermediate German(B1+). Native Arabic.

College: BSc. in CS, Faculty of Computer and Information, Helwan University, 2017, GPA 3.33 (B+), Very Good with Honors Degree. Major: Computer Science, Minor: Information Systems.


Senior Software Engineer at Autonomic (A Ford Company) | Andela (June 2021 - Present): I was hired as a remote full-time software engineer at Autonomic through Andela, where I worked in a distributed US-based team that spans 5 countries in 3 different continents to develop the observability stack to give the whole company useful insights into different services.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Segmatek (Nov 2019 - Present): My responsibilities included architecting, developing, unit testing, deployment of both frontend and backend services, communicating with the customer, leading a team of junior developers and conducting interviews. I worked on building multiple services using Spring stack and Angular plus deployment and DevOps tasks like managing Docker, using Jenkins and pipelines, configuring Apache server and shell scripting using bash or batch.

Java Software Consultant at Infor (August 2019 - Nov 2019): I maintained and enhanced applications on an ongoing basis and ensured that unit tests are performed correctly using Java and collaborated with team members to achieve goals and to maintain the continued success of the products.

Java Software Engineer at DXC (March 2018 - August 2019): I engineered and developed software applications for DXC Technology (formerly HP Enterprise) where I work in a multinational team to deliver Java applications using Hibernate, Spring Core/MVC/Data/Boot to provide required business needs with a RESTful endpoint to be consumed by the frontend layer.

Junior Java Developer at Marased (July 2017 - March 2018): I maintained and developed new features to support the projects I am enrolled in at Marased. I mainly worked as a Junior Java Developer with JSF/PrimeFaces, Spring Core/MVC, Jersey, AngularJS and Hibernate to finish required tasks within specific timeframes.

Trainee at HCI LAB (March 2016 - April 2016): Mainly Java (OpenCV) tasks, most notably the Automatic correction system. It scans and recognizes the answer sheet then calculates the grade.

Intern at IBM (July 2015 - July 2015): Many IT-related problems. I choose it as I wanted to work with something different than programming to challenge myself with something new.

Intern at IBM (July 2014 - August 2014): My first internship which was a great experience where I solved many programming tasks, it included Java and JavaScript.